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What We’ve Been Working On

At Core Equipment Inc. in St Catharines, we provide maintenance, repairs, and customization services to municipalities and contractors in the pavement marking and road construction industries throughout Southern Ontario. Here is what we’ve been working on in our shop throughout 2018-19:

Line King

We would like to thank Line King for coming to us for their first truck. Sometimes it can be a struggle teaching a crew how to run their first truck but these guys picked it up very quickly after a few training sessions and haven't looked back.


Core Equipment Inc. is thankful they got the opportunity to work hand in hand with MTQ building this beautiful truck. With the amount of paint this truck can put down, covering all of Quebec should be no issue.

City Of Ottawa

We were excited to get to build the city of Ottawa a new high pressure paint truck. We think it turned out great! With this truck's auto adjusted paint volume control system they will be sure to be putting down the correct amount of paint at any speed!


What a great company to build a truck for! This little high pressure truck is perfect for any city work, having a hose reel at the tail end of this truck makes it easy to get out and hit a few arrows as you go.

Upper Canada Road Services

This Is a growing company to watch out for. We hope this air atomized truck continues to be a workhorse for you and your growing company!

Infinite Road Marking

We had the privilege to partner with Infinite Road Marking to help develop their first center line striper! Core Equipment Inc. is extremely excited to build this unit with a whole host of our innovative ideas! This center line striper is a used chassis with upgraded features that will lay material at phenomenal rate.

The Miller Group - Owen Sound

This company is always a pleasure to work with, we would like to thank them for working with us on several projects. This truck should suit your crew well and we hope it works just as hard as you guys.

PPM - 98:2 MMA

PPM in eastern Canada has been putting one of Core Equipment Inc.’s first MMA units to work. Made out of all aluminum and stainless steel this machine can do it all, Center line, stencil, Bike lanes with pre-mixed aggregate and large tips not needed for a squeegee!

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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